Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Thoughts of the Week

Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year

May your year be bright, may your bias always appear on screen, and may your favorite kdrama genre be plentiful! 

I've kept it simple thus far in 2021; definitely wasn't ready for a return to reality after the holiday break! I'm still watching the same two shows the started in December, and picked up one more that just finished airing for a binge watch.

Mr Queen Episode 7 Screengrab

I hadn't realized that I was an episode behind on Mr. Queen, so I unintentionally deprived myself of a watch last week! I finished episodes 6 and 7, and will finish the week's airings tonight. I'm enjoying this series a lot more but I still feel like it's trying to be too many things. On the one hand it's a full-out comedy, while on the other it's trying to be serious melodrama with political intrigue and dark secrets. This really stood out while the queen/chef was in a coma because the rest of the characters progressed the story line forward in a way that was much different from his/ers. I like both stories, but I wished they were more cohesive. I think toning down the slapstick and having Bong-Hwan actually care that he holds So-Yong's live in his hands would help a ton. 

Love Revolution Promotional Posters

I decided to pick up Love Revolution, which I had avoided while it aired because it's 30 episodes long. Dramas that are longer than 20ish episodes tend to drag on and end poorly, so I firmly decided to skip it. But then I realized that the episodes are only around 20 minutes long with simple story lines (the focus is on first-year high schoolers), so they're a quick, breezy watch. And when EXO's MAMA started playing in episode 7, I was dying laughing. I'm definitely here for the comical out-of-date pop culture references compared to the characters' age. I mainly enjoy this high school drama due to how realistic is in portraying kids. This isn't your overly mature and/or insanely wealthy kid story. It's hey, I'm trying to be cool but I'm totally a dork because I'm a teenager. And the over-the-top grand confession with a lengthy note written on a dollar bill sprayed with cologne in a fancy envelope was hilariously undercut by it promptly being spent without so much as a glance. Very typical of everything being *so meaningful* because you're 15 when it's really just this small thing. I love it!

Episode 7 of True Beauty hasn't been subbed yet, but that's up next for me. It's not a show that I'm dying to watch right away (although I'm excited to watch), and I find that it's more fun with full subs, so I don't mind waiting.

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