Monday, September 10, 2012

Music Monday: Kim Hyun-Joong Breaks More Records

So his acting may be questionable (leave my KHJ alone!), but you can't deny that the boy can sing.

His single Heat (from the same-named singles album) topped the Oricon charts on the day it debuted back in July. It didn't stop there, as now Heat has sold 200,580+ albums since release.

That makes Kim Hyun-Joong the first kpop singer to top 200,000 sold records in Japan. He even beat his own record of 71,812 first-day sales made back in January (Heat sold 137,774 units on the first day).

Go, KHJ, go! Keep shattering records so I can continue to see your beautiful face plastered all over the web. *noona sigh*

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