Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love Rain: Mid-Season Check In

Love Rain began airing last month on KBS2. It's a story that starts out in the 70s and makes its way to present day.
This story is adorably cute as it follows Seo In-Ha and Kim Yoon-Hee in their star-crossed type love.
Unfortunately, this story goes by SLOW. On the one hand, the pacing is perfect for what we see. The show has a genuine retro vibe for the 70s part of the show and the pacing works. It really showcases the feelings between the two main characters. But I think the problem lies in the fact that the show is competing against so many fast-paced dramas right now. Honestly, I stopped watching before we got to the 2012 part of the story, but I'm not giving up on the drama. I think it's really cute and it has an interesting story. I just think it's better slated for a lazy Saturday afternoon drama-marathon as a completed series so I can watch it like a movie.

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