Monday, April 23, 2012

Photoshoot: Jung Il-Woo

Fangirls have been aflutter all weekend as photos from Jung Il-Woo's 1st Look NYC spread have been released:

More looks after the jump...
How. hot. is. this:
I've always loved Il-Woo-ya as an actor, but now *fans self* when comes back to States, he's mine! Calling dibs, batting off crazy fangirls, locking in basement, all of that fun stuff. Totally pulling an Eun-Bi and accidentally-on-purpose calling my hoobae "oppa." I mean, can he be any hotter?

Flip flops though? Some of the shoe choices for this shoot are questionable.

Okay, this is where I put in my Public Service Announcement that smoking is NOT cool. That decreases his hotness factor by like 20 points. Same looks could've been achieved with a lolipop à la Ji-Hyuk.

Now that we've killed lungs, let's get healthy again by eating a salad! I don't know why I'm so amused that he's standing on the street holding a salad in a styrofoam take-out box (with no utensils!), but I am.

Another shoe fail in my opinion. Why make him look so hot, then ruin the look at the bottom? They're like wannabe-color-blocking-yet-not-quite-saddle-shoes-inspired-by-'90s-canvas-Keds.

I've posted my favorites. You can check out more on 1st Look!

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