Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's New This Week

This is a great week for dramas. We have the series finales of Shut Up Flower Boy Band (awesome) and Dream High 2 (lackluster), and the premier of several new dramas that have been buzzing all across the web. I can hardly keep up!

Fashion King:

Fashion King is the one premier that I was able to catch the night it aired. It's about 4 young adults in the fashion industry, trying to make it big. The characters are split 50-50 between chaebols and poor, and of course they're all connected, but they don't know that yet. The series starts in Korea, but takes a detour through New York for a few episodes before returning. After seeing the first episode, I am interested enough to see what's next, but I'm not quite sold yet. Since episode 2 starts our Stateside visit, I'll see if it's worth investing my time. Since it was actually filmed in the US, I just hope that we'll be able to see some real live American native-English speakers instead of the English 101 faux-Americans that are usually cast in kdramas.

Rooftop Prince:

It might be because I've come off the semi-high of The Moon That Embraces the Sun, but I'm super excited for Rooftop Prince. I wasn't too much into sageuks before, but I'm starting to really enjoy them. The sets and costumes are usually amazing, even in the modern day ones. Rooftop Prince is a mix of both worlds as a Joseon Era prince gets transported to modern day Korea to find his love through the sands of time--literally. Word on the street is that it's absolutely hilarious and I can't wait to see for myself.

Equator Man:

This is going to be the heaviest out of all the new shows, as Equator Man is a melodrama. Even the descriptions about the drama are overly complicated and don't give you a good picture of what to expect. Mysterious death, love cast aside for riches, and a time jump from kids to adults is the menu. I'm not sure if I'm ready for yet another child-to-adult story, as most of the drama's I've been watching (Moon/Sun, DH2, Bachelor's Vegetable Store, Operation Proposal, I could go on...) have beaten that poor, innocent horse to death. I'm not sure if I even want to tune in to this one.

The King 2 Hearts:

Yes, that is how it's titled, and believe it or not, that's better than some of the previous working titles for the show. I wasn't originally sold on the drama, but after reading more and more about it, I'm intrigued. It's a modern-day Korean monarchy that features a crown prince and a (hopefully) badass military agent that he falls in love with. I have a fear of The King 2 Hearts not living up to my expectations, though. I will hold my judgment for now, as I hear that thus far it is pretty good.

That's quite a bit to keep up with, especially since Operation Proposal doesn't finish up until next week. I can't wait until this weekend when I'll finally have a chance to catch up on everything! I hope these dramas live up to their hype. 

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