Saturday, June 1, 2013

New Kdramapedia Features

So I'm trying some new things to see if they work. Mainly because I am posting from my cellphone now and it takes too much time to write long posts, let alone recaps.

The first is my recommendation series. I hope to highlight dramas in new and different ways. Since this is a kdrama site, the kdramas should be front and center. Even though I've only watched 70 or so kdramas at this point, I hope to at least give those few a spotlight.

More throwback posts. This isn't new for me, but it piggybacks off the recommendations. Since the dramas won't be currently airing, posting throwback episode recaps, reviews, and summaries will highlight more dramas without the pressure on me to get them posted quickly.

A fun thing I want to try with new/airing dramas is the "thoughtcap" series. Since it's difficult for me to post recaps, take and edit screencaps, and analyze dramas, I'll instead post just mt thoughts. I'll write out my thoughts in a sort of stream-of-consciousness manner, (hopefully) make them coherent, throw in some unpolished screenshots for important scenes, and make it live.

Hopefully changing up the format and subsequently making it easier for touchscreen posting, I'll be able to keep up more!

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