Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photoshoot: Park Yoochun for July's Elle Korea

Why hello there Yoochun swimming in a pool. Does this mean we get to see you sans shirt?

Yes, yes, it does. Keep reading to see for yourself:

You're welcome, fangirls.

Yoochun spent his birthday shooting these sizzling pictures for Elle Korea. Thanks for giving us a gift for your birthday! I'm not even gonna talk much... I'm just going to let you enjoy the show.

Alright, here's a bucket of ice water. Time to cool this down. Yoochunie is keeping his clothes on for the rest of this post, ladies.

He's still hot in jeans in a button up. I like him even more when he's covered up (not that I was opposed to the half-naked ones by any means!).

How adorable is he? Love it!

There are TONS more pictures of this photoshoot. To see which make the cut, pick up the July issue of Elle Korea.

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