Monday, July 8, 2013

Thoughts of the Week

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday this paat week (Canada Day on the 1st and [US] Independence Day I  the 4th). I've been on vacation and only had the chance to watch two dramas: Gu Family Book finale and You're the Best Lee Soon Shin episodes 33 & 34. LUCKY ME.

Gu Family Book
I laughed all through the finale, and not in a good way. I still find the plot super contrived at this point and there's just no coming back from that. I guess the writer figured the same and decided to just go ahead and make it worse by a... wait for it... time jump to the present!!!! Yay! No. I'm not against a time jump in theory, but when it happened I just started screaming at my screen. Like, really? Really?! And because LSG hasn't played enough rich boys, Kang-Chi is living in the lap of luxury. And (almost) all of the gang is there, exactly as they were in the past, only the new shiny 2013 model. And so help me if there's a sequel to all this nonsense...

You're the Best Lee Soon Shin

The theme of the week: Jealous Bitches. Pretty much everything that happened in this episode was because some chick was jealous of something or someone else. Kids jealous of parents. Parents/grandparents jealous of kids. Friends jealous of friends. Moms jealous of moms. People jealous of relationships that don't even exist yet! I mean, really. And the person that is the most jealous is our lead! She's jealous of the life she had that she can never get back. Okay, jealous may not be the best choice of words but the bitch part fits. I am so over her childish antics and one or all of her mothers need to slap some sense into her. There was some cute sprinkled through out the episodes, but frankly, Soon-Shin deserves none of it.

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