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Dream High 2 - Episode 14 (Part Two)

With more frustration and discontinuity, we persevere onward:

Seul practices the song she's going to sing for the audition. It's entitled Dirty Cash (Korean song with English title) and she's singing it for her dad. This is even more hilarious since her dad will be sitting front and center, unknown to anyone else but the two. Ui-Bong stops her, saying that her father would collapse if he heard her singing that. Seul tells him to butt out, then in an effort to cover up her emotions toward Ui-Bong, tells him to stop being so nice to her because she's leaving to study abroad.

Seul stands in her dad's office and hands him the pamphlets for the overseas school she's chosen. Before she leaves, she asks him why he's sending her away and had he ever considered what she wants. He says of course, he's always thinking of what's best for her. She counters,
"Have you thought about the fact that I may dream about going to school with you?"

Back in class, Teacher Ahn checks up on the students' progress. Hong-Joo announces that he's going to be singing for Nana. Not to be outdone, Si-Woo declares the same. The significance is not lost on their classmates. Hae-Sung states she will be singing for JB. Rian immediately says she too will be singing for JB. The entire class groans. I groan. You groan. Everyone groans.
"[Nana] Are you two going to go at it again?"
"[Seul] The tired old love triangle."
"[Si-woo] It's too exhausting. If someone will just realize that he's a fool and back off, it'll be really nice." (clearly a jab at Hong-Joo, HA)
"[Hong-Joo] That's what I'm saying."
Hae-Sung and Rian simultaneously declare that they will be singing JB an original song. Yoo-jin rolls his eyes. Hae-Sung gives Rian a cryptic message in the hallway, telling her that it's fate that Rian gets to sing "them" both times. Rian and I are confused.

Hae-Sung sits in Producer Shin's office, asking for an unknown favor. Producer Shin denies her request, saying that's breaking the rules. She counters that he's always changing the rules, so she wants to do the same once. She tells him that they think differently; that she's not doing this to gain something, but instead to return a favor. There's a twinkle in Producer Shin's eye. I have a feeling this is about overturning JB's disqualification.

For the past few episodes, Yoo-Jin has been peeking in on a woman working in a snack shop. I'm assuming this is his mother that he's disowned for whatever reason. Yoo-Jin comes into said snack shop with Rian and they sit down to order. The woman instantly recognizes Yoo-Jin, but he avoids eye contact at all costs. The woman plays along and gets their food. The woman watches Yoo-Jin wistfully as he eats. Rian pays for the meal and thanks the woman graciously for the wonderful meal, saying they'll come again.

Outside, Rian berates Yoo-Jin for not telling his mom he recognized her and that she must be worried about him. Yoo-Jin claims he doesn't miss his mom at all, but Rian sees right through his facade. She tells him to be good to his mom before he regrets it.

Performance Time! Hae-Sung's dad and sister come to the theater and are greeted by Teacher Ahn. Dad says that he wanted to hear his daughter sing for himself. Hye-Poong is adorably excited to hear her unni sing. Meanwhile, Rian and Hae-Sung have a weird bonding moment backstage where they smile at each other and wish each other luck. Soon-Dong notices and tells Rian that they're acting suspicious.

In the hospital, JB finds that he can't eat with hospital-issue chopstick set, and instead pulls out the set from Hae-Sung. He reflects on how he kept the spoon and gave her the chopsticks, and is saddened that he now has both of them in his possession. Hae-Sung walks in at this moment, and JB asks why is she coming now all of a sudden after ignoring all his calls. He gets out of bed, apparently forgetting the whole leg cast thing, and conveniently falls right into her arms in true kdrama fashion. After nervously righting themselves, Hae-Sung tells JB she has a favor to ask.

Producer Shin does his usual welcome greeting for the performance. He once again states that the concept of this challenge is "a song sung for someone" and that this will be the last stage, no more chances. Back at the snack shop, Yoo-Jin's mom studies the ticket to the showcase that Yoo-Jin left behind for her.

Seul and Ui-Bong take the stage, and Seul starts her long speech about who she's singing for and why. She starts of saying that this song is for the person she hates most in the world. Ui-Bong wonders aloud if she's crazy before realizing his mic is on, lol! Dad shifts uncomfortably in his seat while Teacher Hyun smirks in the background.

Seul goes on about how these past few months have been difficult around "this person" especially since her friends talk bad about him, too. The students start to wonder who the heck she's talking about, while Teacher Hyun is doing her best to contain herself. Seul says she's going to start trying to like this person more, revealing that she's talking about her dad. Everyone wonders if her parents are there. She thankfully doesn't sing Dirty Cash, but dances badly on stage, eventually taking down a balloon that has "Milky Way" written on it in Korean and giving it to her dad, which he awkwardly accepts. All the students are shocked and mumble that they would've been nicer to Seul if they knew beforehand. Teacher Hyun and Counselor Joo tease him.

Backstage, Teachers Ahn & Yang worry that they can't find Hae-Sung or Rian. Hae-Sung appears out of nowhere and asks if she can go on first. They are baffled, but agree. Meanwhile, Rian's mom shows up late to the show. She trips over a man and steps on his foot, to which he complains. But then the man recognizes her, and Rian's mom is ecstatic. The man clarifies that she's all over the news, so of course he knows who she is. Ha, bubble burst.

Hae-Sung comes out on stage in her annoyingly downcast mood. Hye-Poong cheers wildly for her unni the second she walks out. Hae-Sung starts her speech about the person who always gave her strength. Meanwhile, JB awkwardly sits at the hospital talent show, and the doctor in charge of the event asks if his partner is here yet. JB nervously says he'll just have to sing it on his own if she's late. Uh-oh. I think you've been duped.

Hae-Sung rambles some more about this friend and her other friend who likes said first friend, etc, etc, and then says that she's going to concede her stage to him. WHAT? Your appa and dongsaeng traveled great distance only for you to completely give it up? The emotions of our cast vary from shocked to pissed to satisfied. Hae-Sung moves to the side while a screen drops down with a live closed-circuit broadcast of the hospital's talent show.

JB scans the audience looking for Hae-Sung, disappointed to not finding her. He tells the audience that he's going to sing his best for his friend that didn't seem to make it. He starts singing the first verse, when another voice chimes in. It's Rian. Of course it is. Again, the emotions vary from shocked to pissed to satisfied. I think you already know what my reaction is.When Hye-Poong asks why unni isn't singing, her dad replies that Hae-Sung is a composer and not a singer. Boooo. I mean, she's not a great vocalist, but still, boooo. Such a cop-out as far as the storyline goes.

The ending is a series of flashbacks with her discussions with Producer Shin, Rian, and JB. She basically sacrificed herself to save JB, gave Rian the opportunity to get back with JB on the stage (and potentially relationship-wise), and deceived JB into thinking that he would be singing with her instead of Rian. This makes me not want to cheer for Hae-Sung at all. If all she's going to do is give up everything, what's the point? Why have I wasted hours hoping that she'd finally get her chance to shine on stage if she just hands over all her opportunities to everyone else, including those who are not deserving of them. Then she has the nerve to be on the verge of tears after watching JB & Rian sing. No! You do not get to cry after you set this up! Ugh! At least there's only two more episodes...

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