Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lee Min Ho for CeCi Magazine

For all of you Lee Min-Ho fans, he is the "Hot Story" for June's issue of CéCi Magazine.

I'm super jealous of those of you who are literate in Hangul, as the google translations are completely horrible. But from what I can gather from the broken translation, the interview/photoshoot took place in China, where Lee Min-ho is working on his new drama, Faith, which will air in the fall.

More photos after the jump:
This photo is my fave for some reason. Although the other picture with the plant (not posted) is kinda weird. Almost like he's walking it like a dog...

This one comes in a close second for me. Lee Min-ho is not in the top hottest actors for me (I know, I know, knock some sense into me, right?), but I find this pose/look on the stool highly attractive. Yum!

For more pictures and the complete interview, check out CéCi Magazine's June Cover Story: "No Where Guy, 이민호"

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  1. Hi -
    The drama is Faith (or The Faith)
    The shooting is taking place in Korea and it will go online as of August 13. 2012

    The Holy Land, Israel