Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fashion King Meets Fashion

Within the last three issues of High Cut Magazine, both of our Fashion King male leads have graced the covers and pages.

Volume 76 has Lee Je-Hoon gracing the cover, and Volume 74 has Yoo Ah-In sharing the cover. Behind the scenes videos show some shots that weren't posted in the magazine, too.

My favorite in the photoshoots (and in the drama; yes, I started watching again. I know, I must hate myself) is Lee Je-Hoon in all his prettiness. Why? Because he can pull off the flower boy look without looking like a high school kid and his intense stares get me every. single. time. And it helps that we're dong-gap, so I don't feel like a pervy noona, lol.

Yoo Ah-In loses points for sharing the photo space with a woman (how am I supposed to fawn all over a guy when there's another girl laying all over him in sexy poses, hmm?), but I have to give it to him for his multiple looks. He looks like a different person in pretty much every picture; always a surprise to see what side of him will come out.
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