Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drama Collectables

Even with its spastastic plot lines and bipolar character personalities, Boys Before Flowers is still one of my all time favorite dramas (and one of my firsts).

So of course I was super excited to find the moon/star necklace at a decent price online, and I just had to get it!
In case you're wondering, the moon/star necklace is the one that Jun-Pyo gave Jan-Di on their ski trip:

This is probably old news and everyone has probably already purchased their own, but hey, better late than never! I bought mine from ToFebruary (not affiliated, endorsed by, or connected with in any way, shape, or form) and it's so adorable! I paid $8 plus super fast $1 shipping ($1.64 value) plus I got a free gift ($10 value)! An amazing deal! My camera is old, outdated, and crappy, but this is what they look like:

They look cuter in person, I swear! Their site has better pictures, obviously. Right now they're having a 10% off sitewide sale until this Friday, so if you're interested now is a good time to look around. Just wanted to pass on a good thing I found!

Can't wait to wear my necklaces and show off my kdrama obsession, lol.

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